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Hot Rocks are placed down the center of the back during a massage, Charleston SC

A time-honored healing modality, massage is one of the most effective therapies for reducing stress, relieving sore muscles and restoring balance. Our massage therapy services are tailored to your needs, beginning with a consultation with your massage therapist.

Given our holistic approach to wellness, Earthling’s massage services are known for being truly therapeutic and highly effective for restoring balance and vitality. You may specify light or deep pressure as well as areas of concern in order to achieve your desired massage experience. Upon scheduling, please let us know if you have a gender preference for your massage therapist. 

Call our spa or send an email to schedule your next Charleston massage!

Massage Therapy

A massage therapist's hand on the back of a client to sooth the muscles during a massage, Charleston SC.

Massage Additions

Enhance your Charleston massage experience! These services are only available to schedule as an addition to your massage.


Experience the benefits of aromatherapy. Essential oils give you a complete sensory experience.

Add Aromatherapy   $10

Hands and Feet Add-on

Focused attention to hands and feet for a luxurious massage experience.

15 minutes   $25
30 minutes   $50

Scalp Massage Add-on

Warm Ayurvedic oils are worked into the scalp, neck, and shoulders with an added pressure point massage.

15 minutes   $25
30 minutes   $50

Steamy Wonder Session

Add a detoxifying steam session with the Steamy Wonder canopy in a private massage room.

20 minutes   $35

Massage Cupping Add-on

Softens tight muscles and tones attachments to loosen adhesions and lift connective tissue. Cupping brings hydration and blood flow to the muscle for deep tissue release, as well as opens lymphatic pathways for detoxification.

15 minutes   $35
30 minutes   $70

Therapeutic Massage

A full body massage for stress relief and reducing muscle tension. Stimulates nerve endings and increases blood flow. You may specify deep tissue massage upon booking, or with your therapist during the appointment.

45 minutes     $90
60 minutes     $110
90 minutes     $150
120 minutes   $225

Aromatherapy Massage

Therapeutic essential oils are used to align and balance your mind and body. Benefits may include stress relief, mood elevation and pain management. Choose an oil specific to your needs.

45 minutes   $100
60 minutes   $120
90 minutes   $160
120 minutes $235

Prenatal Massage

Specialized body cushions make this pregnancy massage relaxing and therapeutic for both mother and baby. Body cushions are adjustable, depending on client.

Upon scheduling, please tell us how far along you will be.

60 minutes   $110
90 minutes   $150

Hot Stone Massage

Heated stones are applied to the body and used throughout to relieve tight and sore muscles. Used for hundreds of years around the world, the hot stones create a deeper relaxation, promoting a sense of balance.

60 minutes   $125
90 minutes   $165

Cupping Massage

Softens tight muscles and tones attachments to loosen adhesions and lift connective tissue. Cupping brings hydration and blood flow to the muscle for deep tissue release, as well as opens lymphatic pathways for detoxification.

45 minutes   $110
60 minutes   $125
90 minutes   $165


Useful for injury recovery or areas prone to constant stress. Static pressure is applied to specific points to reverse the pain-tension-stress cycle. This technique manipulates the soft tissue to balance the central nervous system and restore muscle health.

60 minutes   $125 
90 minutes   $165


Applied pressure is used to stimulate nerve endings in the feet to increase circulation and stimulate the corresponding vital organs in the body. Relaxing therapy when paired with or used as an alternative for massage.

30 minutes   $80
45 minutes   $90
60 minutes   $115

Thai Massage

An ancient form of massage that integrates passive stretching and gentle compression to improve flexibility, relieve low back pain, and enhance well-being. Performed with the client dressed in comfortable clothing.

Please bring or wear comfortable clothes you can stretch in.

60 minutes   $125
90 minutes   $165

Alternative Therapy

Lymphatic Massage

Stimulates the lymphatic system to filter out toxins, resulting in increased circulation and lymphatic flow. This service relieves inflammation and joint pain, promoting general wellness.

60 minutes   $125
90 minutes   $165

Craniosacral Therapy

A gentle, hands-on therapy to re-establish balance and optimum function of the craniosacral system. Results in a relaxed mind and body that is able to function more efficiently and effectively.

60 minutes   $110
75 minutes   $130
90 minutes   $150

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